Beepboop bebop

Silver Spring, MD, United States

Smart stuff

I've got a masters in nuclear physics. I quit school and started working on radars. Surprisingly, a lot of this knowledge is transferrable.

I think Bayesian statistics are pretty neat, and I'm currently interested in learning more about machine learning. Other interests include digital signal processing, high-performance computing, and data visualization.

Fun stuff

I spend my evenings as a gigging musician with two separate bands. Both bands are currently expected to drop albums in spring 2018.

As a folk and bluegrass musician, I own both a 1950 Kay (an antique) and 1971 Engelhardt upright bass (a reliable work horse). I also have a Mexican Fender Jazz Bass and a Musicman Stingray 5-string. Bluegrass is cool but I also love jazz, funk, and classic rock.

At home I mess around on piano, guitar, trumpet, and trombone. Eventually I would like to create a prosthetic arm that allows me to play both a brass instrument and guitar at the same time. I'm more serious about this idea than you might expect.

I'm excited about artificial superintelligence because once it's completed we won't have to work anymore! We might also all die, though.

Another passion of mine is creating the world's first house-boat-car-copter. Think about's a great idea...

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