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Great Britain

AsymLabs (TM) is a brand name of Applied Numerics Ltd of Great Britain that is also under license to Resource CUA of Amsterdam. AsymLabs provides numerical analysis tools for civil engineering, construction and related fields that can be used to optimize and accelerate the infrastructure construction process in the emerging economies of the developing world - particularly hot and tropical environments. This leads to lowered construction cost, accelerated construction, and better service performance.

In the course of our work, we sometimes develop more general software tools or libraries that we donate to the open source community under MIT or GNU GPLv3 licence terms. Most, if not all of these, are for Unix based operating systems, but from time to time they are made compatible with Microsoft Windows. They can be found at our repositories at and

These repositories are being expanded monthly and we invite you to visit them. The primary languages of our work are Bash, C++ and Lisp.