Anthony Accioly

London, UK

Developer with solid experience in building scalable enterprise applications. Currently working on making my own company, 7RTC of the ground, while building blockchain enabled solutions using Kotlin for Marco Polo Network.

Nerd student with high grades and a research grant since undergraduate days, I have never really quit hanging out at University (sometimes lecturing, sometimes attending lectures and conferences).

Things that I'm passionate about: Distributed Systems, Extreme Programming, Linux, DevOps, Scala, Kotlin, Java (Oh yeah, me, cave man, like it), all sorts of relational and NoSQL databases (right now playing with Aurora, Google Spanner and CockroachDB), IntelliJ, Nginx, Elasticsearch, Redis, REST, most Atlassian‎ products, Jenkins, GCP, Weekends, Barbecue and Beer.

Things I don't like so much: ITIL / COBIT / PMI - Suit oriented management, long ad hoc deploys, internal frameworks, dog-slow--proprietary--do-it-all--soa--/--portal--software--stacks, vendor lock-in, work on weekends and anything that can't be automated (including overly complicated dishes :)).

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