Anthony Accioly

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Developer with solid experience in building scalable enterprise applications. Currently working as a Principal Developer at Wood Mackenzie. Nerd student with high grades and a research grant since undergraduate days, I have never really quit hanging out at University (sometimes lecturing, sometimes attending lectures and conferences).

Things that I'm passionate about: Agile, DevOps, PaaS, Scala, Java (Oh yeah, me, cave man, like it), NoSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, H2, IntelliJ, NginX, Apache Solr, Redis, REST, Jetty, Payara, Weblogic, most Atlassian‎ products, Mercurial, Jenkins, Weekends, Barbecue and Beer.

Things I don't like so much: ITIL / COBIT / PMI - Suit oriented management, long ad hoc deploys, internal frameworks, IIS, ADF, dog-slow--proprietary--do-it-all--soa--/--portal--software--stacks, JDeveloper, ADF, VSS, most IBM products, work on weekends and anything that can't be automated with Chef recipes (including overly complicated dishes :)).

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