Dominican Republic

I'm a person.

Also, I'm a web developer. 
  • I develop webs, watch them grow, tug them a little, water them a lot.

  • I kill personal projects, sometimes I create them before I kill them.

  • Them. I use it for everything that can be named.

I love to work with Javascript and have some level of experience with PHP and C#.

CSS is a blank canvas that I paint with Sass (maybe I should get the new brush PostCSS3000).

I enjoy optimizing processes, always looking to learn new things and I'm in constant competition with myself.

What's next?

  • Master JS.
  • Learn React.
  • BS in Statistics mentions Economics.
  • Improve UI/UX skills.
  • Improve English communication skills.
  • TOELF.
  • AI/ML (More ML) crash course.
  • Master in CS GT.
  • Learn to draw (again).
  • Dust off the acoustic guitar.