Halifax, Canada

I am a Student by day, Programmer by Evening, and Zombie by night.

I was born in Groves Point, Nova Scotia where I began to learn scripting languages like Python and build small electronic gadgets at age 10, I moved to programming in C/C++ at age 12 and eventually became the socially awkward and slightly eccentric homo sapien that I am today.

I co-own for a small media design company and work as its CEO Internal, doing everything from server administration to financial management as well as everything in between. I also work for a much larger software company programming user-interfaces.

I study at Dalhousie University, currently completing a Concurrent B.Eng/B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and Physics. My goal is to complete a masters involving quantum field theory and combine my passion for relativistic quantum mechanics (quantum field theory) with my skills in electronics and programming.

Finally, I have a stable relationship with my long-term girlfriend, I live and work in my apartment in the south-end center of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I have headphones in my ears nearly twenty-four hours per day.

for more interesting facts, stop reading my profile and come say 'Hi!', I don't bite... (Insert David Tennant esque 'Well' here.)