Geoff Pointer


Qualifications: science degree, majoring in pure maths (a long story); postgraduate diploma in education; maths and computing science degree majoring in theoretical physics and applied maths.

Teaching experience: twenty years with a 0.5 part time load average, teaching secondary physics, maths and computer science; about four years part time running first year uni maths tutorials.

Musical interest: studying music composition and playing the guitar since I was a teenager; mostly self taught but had some formal music education early on; once had a regular gig in a pub as a solo act singing and playing my own material; have occasionally created and recorded live music in garage bands; along the way also took up the piano; now have a home studio and use both both cubase and logic pro to assist in producing my music.

Currently: writing a physics book for that transitional stage from late secondary to early tertiary; coauthoring a book on applications of relativity to aerospace engineering.

I've been studying and using LaTeX for five years.

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