Lynn Crumbling

Lancaster, PA

Graduated LVC, BS in CS. Mostly used Linux (slackware circa kernel 1.2.8) as my main OS, but gradually used Windows 95 more. Initially did some system admin work in NT4, then went the direction of programming, working mostly in Access 97 (for frontend and backend) for about 2 years. After picking up DB design, moved up to MSSQL 7, with VB6 for a frontend. Designed many classic ASP apps with compiled web class ActiveX DLL's and MSSQL 2000 as the DB server. Picked up MySQL and Oracle.

In 2003, started full time development in VC++ with MFC. Started using subversion in combination with bugzilla for management of off-the-shelf kiosk application. In 2005, started dev in .Net 2.0 with C#. Actively develop company website transaction management in ASP.Net, with MSSQL 2005 backend.

Currently learning EF4 in the hope of porting a VB6 Application using an Access 2000 backend to a .Net 4 application using WPF with the MVVM pattern, and SQLite DB for backend.

I work at KioWare, which makes Kiosk Software for Windows and Android.

And of course, I'm #SOreadytohelp

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