Steve Tranby

Colorado, USA

Star Command Galaxies (Steam)

Focused my part-time help on this game mostly on low-level rendering with Unity. Mesh generation, chunking maps, packing textures, and other improvements to the projected pixel art rendering pipeline.

Star Command (iOS / Android)

Developed this game along with two pixel-artists who came to me with the idea. I handled the programming, asset pipeline, and prepared the game for release on iOS/Android app stores.

Snooz Alarm (iOS)

Created an alarm app so I could wake up to my iTunes music collection. The major feature was being a 3rd-party app that stayed active to allow music playback in the morning. It also offers sleep timer and can display simple weather forecast.

Naval Fight (iPhone)

Created this game as my first real iPhone project to learn Objective-C, XCode, the SDK, and various APIs.