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London, United Kingdom

UI Test Automation Engineer

Specialisms in:

  • Python
  • Image based flash automation
  • RobotFramework


  • slacken
  • robotframework-monkeytalk
  • python-logging-proxy
  • jython-sikuli-server
  • python-sikuli-client

Notable questions and answers:

  • Q&A: Tools for tracking automated tests
  • A: Robot Framework: access robot's global variables from python library code?
  • Q&A: getting sphinx to recognise correct signature
  • Q&A: How to call methods of the instance of a library already in scope of the current running test case
  • Q: Creating a singleton in python
  • Q: C#: To ask permission or apologize?
  • Q&A: Using Sensetalk (Eggplant's scripting language)