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Kevin Matheny

Maplewood, MN

Dad of two, husband of one, former advertising copywriter, former information architect, former technology executive, current technology consultant.

Things I geek out on:

  • SF; I grew up reading my dad's collection of Astounding, Analog, F&SF and early classics.
  • Comics; I started with DC and am still a big fan of the LSH.
  • RPGs; I've been playing and GMing since 1978, starting with D&D and Traveller, and including C&S, T&T, Rolemaster, Champions, V&V and more. I've been a GM for most of my gaming career, and have run events at conventions for more than 20 years.
  • Board games; I've been tabletop games since 1978, starting with Cosmic Encounter, and I love them.
  • Computer games; CRPGs, MMOs, adventure games (of which Sam & Max is the best ever), strategy, and I still really like FPS even though my reflexes aren't improving with age.
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