Arthur Ulfeldt

Santa Cruz, CA


Clojure, Docker, Linux, Security, Teaching.

contacting me:

  • If you are interested in learning clojure you can call me at 1-219-CLOJURE
  • For general Clojure chatting you can find me in IRC #clojure on freenode (thearthur)
  • email < my first name >@< my last name >.com


I'm a Clojure and Linux nut with a long standing interest in virtual machines and fancy networking of all sorts.

At work I write Clojure Web apps and such full time for as well as writing "cloud" deployment systems (some would call it "devops", though I think that term is worn out by now). At home I play with Clojure, Linux, Pallet, docker, and Cryptography quite a bit. I have been a functional programming enthusiast for many years and get quite a lot of personal satisfaction every time i use anything map-reduce related.

I am interested in network security related projects and people that are trying to steer the world away from "the corporate castle" metaphor. If you have or are thinking about such a project I would love to hear from you.

note for recruiters:

I would like to politely decline any positions you might have with "devops" or "language-name engineer" in the title.


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