İzmir, Türkiye

Dr. Destiny: You don't have any special powers!

Batman: Oh, I have one, Johnny. I never give up.

          Justice League - Only A Dream

I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was

To catch them is my real test

To train them is my cause

I'm not a person who particularly had heros when growing up.

          Dennis Ritchie

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

          Alan Curtis Kay

You should trust your gut more than any metrics. Build it, and they will come.

          Jeff Atwood

If you think it's simple, then you have misunderstood the problem.

          Bjarne Stroustrup

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

          Steve JOBS

My reputation grows with every failure.

          George Shaw

Four steps to achievement:

                      Plan purposefully. 

                      Prepare prayerfully. 

                      Proceed positively. 

                      Pursue persistently.

           William Arthur Ward