United States

Background: I've been an enthusiastic programmer since about middle school. Currently a student in Applied Math & Computer Science and Computer Engineering (double major). I've been (proudly) employed as a programmer (read 'intern') for one or two years before even attending college in 2014.

"Political" Views: I'm an avid hater of CSS and JavaScript. I hold a certain disdain towards Java for really no reason. I'm also quite happy about Objective-C's demise; awful NSLanguage. Pro-Oxford Comma. Allman was always right, no question. #regions aren't the devil's spawn.

Non-programming Life: As if such a thing existed...

Mostly I just watch YouTube, play with my small Linux server, or do something music related. I've been playing saxophone (alto) since 6th grade, and recently was drafted to learn bari-sax for jazz in college. Also dabble with bass, guitar, and a dusting of piano.


Languages I know with varying levels of success (by level of enjoyment):

  • C# (ASP.NET)
  • F#
  • C++
  • Regex
  • Swift
  • mySQL
  • Jquery/JavaScript
  • Java
  • Objective-C

Languages I have dabbled in:

  • Haskell
  • VB
  • PHP
  • ASP classic
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