Ivan Gerasimenko

Moscow, Russia

Currently working as QA-engineer in Moscow government organization. At the beginning there were only HP QTP tests without integration to HP ALM and deployment tool. And now automation testing is performed in four different environments:

  • HP UFT 12.52 (end-to-end test integrated with HP ALM and run from uDeploy agent)
  • Java-tests (jemmy2+TestNG, to perform realtime monitoring of application performance parameters on 12 production servers; smoke tests/build verification tests) integrated with uDeploy and Zabbix
  • Sikuli tests (realtime monitoring of application availability through Citrix & security bridge) integrated with Zabbix
  • SoapUI (web-service testing)

Having backgrounds in front-end (JavaScript, jQuery) & back-end (C#) web-development, database skills with MS SQL. Technologies I am familiar with: JavaScript (jQuery), HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, Visual Studio C#, T-SQL, TFS (Git, SVN).

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