Tijuana, Mexico

At nights i do electronic and PCB design for fun yet I get paid for it. I used to like PICs very much but currently I´m getting interested in ARM, CAN, WiFi and GPS. I used to work at world class organizations that left me a great deal of experience in automation, electromechanical equipment, manufacturing and electronic design.

In the day I am a the IT specialist of a small organization thus I administer servers and networks, maintain databases and applications, make J2EE programs, fix computers... you get the idea. I have years of experience with java (about 10) but now I'm starting to like C# very much.

I'm from those days where personal computer market was shared by Commodore, Tandy, VIC20, etc. The first microprocessor I ever programmed (in assembly language) was 8085. My first OS was Altos Xenix, then CPM and finally MS-DOS. The first programming language I used was Pascal.