Matt Johnson-Pint

Redmond, WA

(né Matt Johnson. He/him. Ally.)

Hi! I am primarily a .NET C# developer, and I also do a lot of work in JavaScript. I specialize in date and time issues, especially the tricky ones involving time zones. You'll find me often responding to questions with these tags:

timezone datetime date time dst nodatime momentjs

I am a collaborator on both the Moment.js and Noda Time open source libraries, and the author of the Pluralsight course, Date and Time Fundamentals.

You can read my blog, follow me on Twitter @mj1856, look at my GitHub repositories, or come to one of my presentations.

I work for Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, USA. All questions, answers, comments and code are from me personally, and in no way represent the opinions of my employer.

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