// Class represents me
public class TigerThePredator extends Human {
    public static boolean isAlive; // Whether I'm dead or alive
    private long amountOfKnowledge; // How smart I am

    // When I'm born
    public TigerThePredator() {
        isAlive = true;
        amountOfKnowledge == 0;

    // When I get new information
    private void learnMore() {
        // Obtain more knowledge

    // Main method
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        while(isAlive) learnMore(); // While I'm alive, I'll always learn more

I'm a high schooler who's been studying coding since sixth grade. I only recently got serious about it, and I'm planning to pursue a degree in computer science at some really nice top-tier university. I'm very enthusiastic about learning, especially when it comes to computer science, and I just want to learn more and more and more.

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