Electric City, Washington, Stati Uniti


Work smarder, not harder.
N chek yor spellin.

I write programs since 1984.

I started with MSX Basic, then QuickBasic (and also AmigaBasic first, AMOS then) and then VB. Finally I embraced VB# (I'm an MCP).

I'm developing on Android since 2010.

Over 30 years of experience in developing must be worth something...
Well, methinkso

What do I do with Arduino?


  • Small Robots
  • Synthesizers and
  • Sequencers

Since 2014 I've fallen in love with Blender 3D and I'm developing an ever growing passion for that free and very powerful 3D graphics software.

Recently I've been trapped into the Modular Synthesizers world (and I've choosen the Eurorack format)...
Generative Music is now my obsession.

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