Jason C

New York, United States

Check out my userscripts on StackApps:

  • https://stackapps.com/q/7404/25350 - Fully functional top bar for chat rooms with inbox/achievements and room search.
  • https://stackapps.com/q/7398/25350 - Visualize answered status of sidebar questions.
  • https://stackapps.com/q/7399/25350 - Linkifies URLs in revision history comments.
  • https://stackapps.com/q/7403/25350 - Link sharing on steroids.
  • https://stackapps.com/q/7439/25350 - Help ROs clean up chat with auto-select message moving.
  • https://stackapps.com/q/7442/25350 - Unlock message delete ability for ROs.

Support the Memes Proposal. Or not. It's an experiment.

Awesome SE sites that you should check out:

  • Woodworking Beta
  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Beta

I am a freelance programmer based out of NYC. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and still consider it my home. I have a background in medical robotics, computer-assisted surgery, and computational biology. I currently specialize in both systems and application programming, augmented reality, simulations, and embedded devices, as well as development project management. Since moving to NYC 11 years ago, I've fallen in to working primarily with new media and tech artists doing a lot of interactivity and large-scale lighting installations. I consider my current job to be creating tools that allow artists to naturally express themselves through software without limiting their creativity.

You can generally find me in The Tavern.

Interesting posts, if I say so myself:

  • How to write programs like Twelve Days of Christmas in C.
  • Images With All Colors - best CodeGolf.SX contest ever!

Some data analysis and statistics from the very exciting 2015 SO mod elections (server is now defunct, I could reactivate for future elections):

  • 2015 Election Live Vote Monitor
  • 2015 Election Candidate Activity Profiles
  • 2015 Candidate Questionnaire Alternate View

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