JW Buitenhuis

London, United Kingdom

"High-quality, high-speed, high-efficiency."

I want a Tesla that looks, feels and races like that F1 Jaguar, so that’s the code I give to you.

That Tesla keeps it clean, quiet and efficient on the road, and I make my documentation without extra noise or pollution, translated into clear English so management won’t need to keep their heads stuck underneath the hood. And just as you don’t need inefficient junk in your code, you don’t need the useless kind of ego and pride being excess baggage in your Formula One company – not even in the backseat – that extra burden doesn’t make your racer any better or faster.

Instead when you hire me, your needs come first: You’re the driver. And your end user is your VIP front-seat passenger in the Jaguar-Tesla – both thrilled and refreshed by their experience – while I’m in the lab or the shop or in the pit, optimizing your IT engine for peak performance with steadfast creative solutions, encouraging your tech. team, silently cheering you on, silently proud with that right kind of pride that honors you.

If you need the right code fast, permit me the privilege of working together with you and your team on your race-winning, electric supercar.

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