Analogue girl

Melbourne, Australia

Retired in 2009 after two Transient Eschaemic Attack(TIA)s in 2003 and 2005. Last Worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Pharmaceutics in the area of Formulation Theory and practical skills. Have postgraduate qualifications in secondary and tertiary education. Discontinued a masters studies with science education focus due to TIA. I endeavored to improve the educational experience of students who are not native to my culture. Mother of four adult girls. Recently I have had reading ability return but still have poor executive functions. I feel happy in Analog world hence the moniker. Digital information can be like 'noise' to me. I have access to all previous learning up until TIA but can have difficulty updating successfully. My conclusions that rely on new information since TIA in 2005 are always suspect and I am open to reexamination of them.
Love me or leave me but please do not judge me.


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