Tuscaloosa, AL


Dirty overview of things I've worked on:

  • A GPS tracking, photo/video/audio managing iPhone app called "iGoat" for people who want to purchase and donate livestock to denizens of third world countries. The deliverer takes photos and videos of the delivery and sends them to the original giver! Pretty cool.
  • An evolution sim called "Divine Intervention," written in C# with XNA Game Studio. Stuck on hiatus due to efficiency nightmares (the player needs to be able to speed up the game, but collision detection and the like posed problems.)- now that I'm more knowledgeable than myself as a former freshman in college, I'll have to revisit this!
  • A dungeon-generator app, the back-end being C++ and the front-end being objC. It's targeted at people who want to play table-top RP games (Pathfinder, D&D, etc) in an improvisational style. Basically the app generates dungeons for them on the fly, the DM filling in as much as he wants, and the rest being provided by the app! The user will be able to purchase tilesets and generation algorithms in-app.
  • Hack/Mine, an action RPG hack n' slash mod for Minecraft with over 1 million downloads! With quests, magical loot, randomly generated dungeons, boss creatures, and more.