"It’s good to keep politeness in mind when writing, as your tone can distract readers from your message. It’s great to have something approaching real data on how “nice” we are. But in the end, this sort of navel-gazing misses the point: we’re not here to pat each other on the back and hand out gold stars, much less waggle our fingers at the jackasses – we’re here to share the knowledge of our craft.

Tired of seeing crappy questions? Close them. Irritated by lousy answers? Down-vote them. Depressed by the meaningless junk that some people post whenever they see an empty text field? Delete it! Embarrassed by poor grammar or formatting? Edit it! See someone being rude? Flag it!"

"I've been expelled from Stack Overflow solely because of my pursuit of quality. Beside many other things (like title and tag editing, finding dupes, etc), I tirelessly chased people who wrote bad answers, and naturally those people bombarded moderators with complaints.
So moderators decided: as it's impossible anyway for just one person to drain this Stack sewage that overflows with misinformation, outdated practices, wild guesses and all sorts of harmful content; and as it's much simpler to ban one truth-seeker than hundreds of rep-whores, then this one should be banned."
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