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Let's see, well, I've always loved video games. So, naturally, I was curious as to how they were made. I did some research, and learned about programming. I found it interesting but didn't know where to start. After a while, I started learning HTML from online tutorials. My first website wasn't exactly the prettiest, and it didn't have any interactivity.

A short while later, I learned about CSS, but still my websites - UI wise - weren't winning any awards, and they still had no interactivity. Eventually, however, I made my way into PHP.

A few years into web development, I started my first major project. I took my skills to an entirely new level. I could now create good User Interfaces, I learned JavaScript, and started getting into more advanced PHP. It's taken over a year, and I'm still working on this project.

While I improve as a Web Developer, I thought I'd make my way into native programming, and what better way to do that than with one of the most commonly used languages for game development: C++.

So, what's next? While I love C++, it doesn't have a huge presence in mobile application development. So, I'll probably tackle Objective-C, or Java next. I'll also keep an eye on Rust as it grows. I feel its the modern equivalent of C or C++.