Gamer since I was first given a GameBoy for my 10th birthday. Since then, I've played many games (my library is somewhere in the 600s), owned my fair share of systems, and read a lot gaming news (more than I play them probably).

Systems Owned:

  1. GameBoy
  2. GameBoy Advance
  3. Nintendo DS Lite
  4. PlayStation
  5. PlayStation 2
  6. PlayStation 3
  7. PlayStation Portable
  8. PlayStation Vita
  9. Xbox
  10. Nintendo N64
  11. Gamecube
  12. Super Nintendo (currently MIA)
  13. Gaming Rig

Mainly a PC and PS3 player, using Steam and GOG for purchasing. I also have a slight obsession for Collector's Editions as they just look so pretty.

Favorite game: boss battle between Mass Effect (Trilogy), Rome: Total War, Zelda: OoT, and Civilization IV. Definitely enjoy games with a decent female protagonist however.

Disclaimer: I don't want to be a Game Developer. Sometimes I don't even care about the politics about a situation. Most of the time, I'm just here to game. I also happen to be a woman who games but that's a whole other story.