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New Hope, PA

Owner/operator of a tech company for 25+ years. I consider myself to be proficient with:

  • Coding in Python, Perl, PHP, Javascript, Visual Basic, ASP, Powershell, C/C++, Assembly
  • Full stack web development using LAMP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, and Jquery
  • Linux command line interface and system administration
  • Database system administration and management with MySQL
  • Apache web server administration
  • SMTP and mail server administration of qmail, postfix, and exim
  • HylaFax
  • Building and consuming RESTful API’s
  • Data acquisition and control using parallel port, RS232, USB, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi
  • Real time trading using Python with TD Ameritrade API
  • Cryptography using openssl, Python, PHP, and Javascript Web Crypto API
  • Cloud computing infrastructure using AWS, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean
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