Paris, France

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916/43935 - Top 6% +15174 : 2-8/05/2011

About Me

I have experience in design and development of both front-end web-based and back-end distributed applications, Mobile apps, Web services and familiar with ontologies and Semantic Web.

I am familiar with agile methodologies, distributed development, version control systems, code revision, documentation and specification, data and architectural modeling, problem solving and I am pretty quick with algorithms.

Most of my knowledge comes from reading books, blogs, MOOC courses, and learning from those I’ve worked with along the time.

  • OS: Daily use of Ubuntu, Mac OS Snow Leopard, MS Windows, Server 2008
  • Office: LibreOffice, MS Office, Latex
  • Cloud env : Heroku
  • Software: Eclipse, Code::Blocks, Aptana, Dreamweaver, XMLSpy, emu8086, Packet Tracer, StarUML, Wireshark, VirtualBox
  • Programming: Java (EJB, JPA, JDBC, RESTfull WS, Swing) C, C++, XML(XPath, XSLT) Shell, PL/SQL
  • Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, CMS(WordPress)
  • Ontologies & Semantic Web: RDF, RDS, OWL2, SPARQL, Jena API, JRDF, Protege
  • DB: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • DBMS: MySQL Workbench, pgAdmin, PhpMyAdmin
  • Application Server: Tomcat, Glassfish, TomEE
  • Mobile: PhoneGap, Android
  • Software Engineering: RUP
  • Modeling methodology: Merise
  • Modeling language: UML
  • Software tools: Git, Maven
  • Scientific tools: Matlab, GNU Octave
  • Model Checking: Promela/SPIN
  • Networking: Ethernet, TCP/IP, IPv4/v6, LAN, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, routing, CDN, security, ACLs, RNIS, Frame Relay, X25, Server 2008 (Active Directory/DHCP/DNS/IIS/FTP), MPLS
  • Software Defined Networking: Floodlight Controller, OpenFlow, Mininet, Python

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Having fun developing awesome stuff.