“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.”
Bill Gates

Twitter: @comfreek

I love typescript and using cutting-edge features of next-gen javascript!

Nice quotes

Downvote taxes

Following that it is 1 of 7 (15%) I assume it was taxes.
— zerkms in this comment

Asking for a PHP book

Gordon's comment about code principles: StackOverflow chat message

Not enough jQuery



→ SOAP vs. REST (might be not 100% true though!)
→ SOAP Overhead explained by Martin Lawrence & Big Mama


Common wrong assumptions

  • No one needs syntax highlighting or indentions
  • Beta status is an excuse for security vulnerabilities
  • Screenshots of code are valid code snippets

Favorite series of questions/answers

Regex series:

Incl. this question:

Common mistakes I've encountered on SO

  • SO as your personal debug console.
  • The old MySQL extension is deprecated (read loud: "OUTDATED, DEPRECATED AND OBSOLETE)
    → MySQLi (with Prepared Statements) or PDO (and be sure to deactivate emulated Prepared Statements there: deactivate PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES).
    More information @

  • Not using htmlspecialchars() for outputting user-edited HTML code

  • mysql(i)_real_escape_string() is not 100% safe when used wrong
    →See this question:

If you're that far: here are some nice code snippets I've written

  • JS (& jQuery): searchFirstTextOccurence() in DOM:

  • PHP: addQueryParameters() for adding query parameters to an existing URI string:

Some funny names other people gave me

  • ComFreak (with "ae")
  • CompFreek
  • ComicFreek
  • CornFreek
  • ComFreeh
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