Oslo, Norway

R, C, bash/zsh/sh, some Swift, learning Go. Wrote a lot of assembly in the 90s making demo parts and games.

I really enjoy the beauty of the shell and command line pipelines.

In a broad sense, I like to view the "prompt" - usually the Z Shell zsh zle - as the culmination of the good parts of humanity.

Freely and instantly call upon any program, library or daemon.

You bring the data, you pick the tools, and just like the samurai, the first 10 years with the blade will seriously cut and scar you.

Mix english, norwegian, chinese, emoji, perl, C and R.

Convert, translate, transmute. Pipe in and out, tee and daemonize.

There is something deep and profound in the simplicity of UNIX. To me, it somehow embodies a living aspect of the scientific method itself; always choosing the long path. Infinity is never further away than an ill-structured algorithm at work on a just too-big data set.

I'm interested in innovative user interfaces. I bought the iPad Pro 12.9" from Apple on release day, and the bigger size combined with the Pencil and the PaperLike2 for tacticle pen friction, amazes me every day still.

I try to train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as much as I can. The people in my life I care about who don't and or never tried it, I tirelessly try and get them to. I've done almost all the sports and other martial arts. Outside of BJJ, I can only think of a background in wrestling or sambo to enable the same magic as BJJ.

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great day and may it be filled with whatever you truly need to progress.

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