Perth, Australia

I am a biostatistician, in my 4th year of work (2011). I have worked largely on candidate gene studies, and am moving into large scale population epidemiology, as well as some clinical trial work in the area of pedatric diabetes.

My blog is literally a dumping ground for 'notes to self' and code I plan to reuse. If even a single post gets found by someone in google and helps them then it will have been worth doing it as a blog rather than it's original form (.txt file).

Always eager to learn and happy to help. Will happily chat, sports first stats second, I don't make the rules the alphamabet does.


Saving code:

Put the code below in your .Rprofile so it will be run on startup for every session.

setDefaults(paste, sep="")
setDefaults(table, exclude=NULL)