Columbus, OH

Some of my favorite software/projects on Ubuntu:

  • Banshee icon Banshee
  • BleachBit icon BleachBit
  • Boxee icon Boxee
  • Do icon Do
  • Docky icon Docky
  • elementary icon The elementary Project
  • Firefox icon Firefox
  • F-Spot icon F-Spot
  • GIMP icon GIMP
  • Google Earth icon Google Earth
  • Gwibber icon Gwibber
  • Inkscape icon Inkscape
  • Minitube icon Minitube
  • Namebench icon Namebench
  • R icon The R Project for Statistical Computing
  • Thunderbird icon Thunderbird
  • Tomboy icon Tomboy
  • Tracker icon Tracker
  • Wine icon Wine
  • Zeitgeist icon Zeitgeist / Gnome Activity Journal icon Gnome Activity Journal / Sezen icon Sezen
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