Peter Bloomfield


I am a full-time software engineer at Optalysys. It is an R&D company focusing on optical computing. Most of my work involves high-performance C++.

Previously, I was a senior software engineer at ADI, working mainly on server programming for health related apps. My day-to-day programming work was mainly in PHP and JavaScript, using things like Laravel, Node, MySQL, MongoDB, and lots of Docker containers.

Before that, I was the senior software engineer at Vertual Ltd., working on virtual reality medical training systems for radiotherapy. The majority of my day-to-day work there involved programming in C++ for a Windows-based desktop system, using OpenGL for graphics. However, I was also responsible for the firmware (written in C) for the company's custom hardware.

Additionally, I have experience with Python, C#, HTML/CSS, and have dabbled in Java.

I have a PhD in Computing, and a BSc Hons 1st class in Computer Games Technology. In my free time, I'm a gamer, musician, electronics hobbyist, and all-round geek.

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