Brighton, United Kingdom

I am unemployed, with a background in horticulture and sales. I studied Molecular Biology in the 90s with the Roslin team who cloned Dolly the sheep. There I developed some unconventional ideas and predicted the developing field of Quantum Biology through my personal studies of Quantum Mechanics.

As I have spent a considerable number of years out of academic circles and not using my maths I am looking for some help. I have had a breakthrough which seems to complete a theory I developed in 1996 which I dubbed "Soliton Theory".

I hope to develop an algorithm describing the folding of large organic molecules, which led me to this theory, but my recent research seems to link the origin of life to events preceding the Big Bang. Consequently I have been watching the Stanford courses on Quantum Mechanics and string Theory to refresh my memory. I believe there are gaps skimmed over in the standard model which badly need to be filled, but I need some dialogue to make any serious attempts at filling them.

Not ambitious at all...

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