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I am pursuing a PhD in mathematics at Drexel university in Philadelphia, PA. I started my Teaching assistantship in fall 2013. My area of research is matrix analysis.

I'm here because I enjoy being a part of the MSE community, and because whether you're asking or answering, you can never get enough practice with math problems.

Some answers I had fun putting together:

  • A graph-theory approach to the Erdos-Szekeres theorem
  • Explaining the transcendental numbers
  • Numerical-methods to determine the propagation of lightning
  • A quick linear algebra chestnut
  • On the importance of counterexamples
  • A trick I keep reusing
  • A crazy determinant computation
  • Matrix norms

Some of my favorite questions/answers:

  • $\int_{-1}^1\frac1x\sqrt{\frac{1+x}{1-x}}\ln\left(\frac{2\,x^2+2\,x+1}{2\,x^2-2\,x+1}\right)\ \mathrm dx$; a feat of mathematical wizardry
  • A classic result from different approaches
  • Apparent patterns that eventually fail
  • Bad math that gets away with it; great for a few good laughs
  • Some great math puzzles

Useful links:

  • MathJax tutorial and quick-reference
  • How to ask a good question
  • Sandbox
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