Tomáš Pečený

Praha (Prague), Czech Republic

(In ASCII texts, I use the name 'Tomas Peceny'.)
I am a technical physicist. Since 1971 I work mostly with computers, first for measurements and process control in a technology research for electronics, then as a head of the IT department and then as an analyst and technologist in a TV company. As a pensioner, I have externally made measurements control and user interface for scientific computation in an academic basic research. Since beginning of PCs I have used them with the Microsoft DOS and Windows software. In 2013 I started using Ubuntu Linux. In 2015 I use almost only Ubuntu 12.04 2D narrow, but still I can compute technical tasks far quicker using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 SP6 in Windows XP (not in Windows 7). I do not intend using Ubuntu 14.04, because all my PCs are old Hewlett-Packard type Pentiums IV and III, though using as great as possible RAM and disk and as fast and equipped as possible processor; their natural graphics is not sufficient for the Ubuntu 14.04 and I prefer working with the 2D Ubuntu displaying. The 3D Ubuntu 14.04 reacts more slowly than 2D with a graphics card, too.

I love the Linux structure and 2D, Total Commander (via Wine), I like using Nautilus, gedit, Thunderbird+Lightning and LibreOffice. If only all of the Ubuntu ones could agree fully with each other!

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