Brent Washburne

Portland, OR

Web and database specialist with strong emphasis on open source tools and Google's App Engine. Currently, my preferred platform includes Linux (or GAE), nginx or lighttpd, MySQL, Python, Django or Webapp2, HTML5 with jQuery and Bootstrap. Also good with Photoshop and digital images.

My web sites include e-commerce, mobile web apps, interactive charts and graphs, inventory management and sports team management. I have built entire web sites from the ground up, including hardware, 3-tier networking with load balancing, operating systems, databases, web servers and custom code for SQL, business logic and HTML/AJAX.

Previous work includes Perl, PHP, C/C++/C#, Java, Apache, FreeBSD. Early languages include Pascal, Fortran and Assembler.

I am also a Masters swimmer with FINA World Records for relays.

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