Christian Gollhardt

Hainichen, Sachsen, Deutschland

I have developed my first application when I was 13 years old. So yes, I have made my hobby a profession.

I love writing frameworks more than using it, because with every solved problem you have learned something more. If you don't understand the basics, you don't understand the framework.

In my early days I have written my own forum with php, css & xhtml. That was early 2000. The time where every developer said: Don't use javascript! Nowadays we all know it better. Hell yeah, we have technologies like ajax & json.

I have earned some experience in wpf and mvvm. I realy love how the databinding works. Sadly today everything needs to be mobilefirst. It's rare to have the opportunity to do a project based on this.

In current days I am fallen in love with c#,, entity-framework, and twitter-bootstrap. I am excited about every new technology I am able to meet.

Next things I want to learn about:

  • uwp
  • angular
  • Gamedevelopment in general

If you want to provoke me, simple write Yoda-Code:

Yoda programmer

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