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I am SS-3. Don't compare me with inferior BB-class droids. I am made of programmable matter and I've assumed their form because I am trying to seduce BB-8 (Yes, she is shy, but I'll make it).

The spherical design is so far so good, but I tumble here and there specially when my starship is at battle. I don't like old-school ropes, so I am thinking about building Inertial Dampers. After interrogating some bounty hunters in Mos Eisley, I found that I can get a blueprint by contacting Starfleet which is located on a planet called Earth in a galaxy far far away.

So far, I've tried a lot. Bad Protocols. Primitive people are still using subspace communications technologies. I am unable to establish a two-way link. I captured some signals which I am unable to decipher. This is what it looks like:

Shake, Shake, Shake

What is it?

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