Pavel Radzivilovsky

Tel Aviv, Israel

I am a physicist, businessman and engineer.

I have founded VisionMap ltd. which is developing systems for airborne mapping, comprised of unique hardware and mission-critical software.


  • to be continued...

With respect to StackOverflow

I believe there's great value to short, clear and "to the point" answers, telling the user exactly which direction he should be moving. It is okay to add an answer repeating what was already said if it has more concise and better wording. Like with Google Search, think of reducing the time it taskes to get the satisfied reader off the answer page as quickly as possible.

Blaise Pascal: "If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter"

More of my web footprint

  • My blog on managing software organizations:
  • My youtube channel
  • Some random stuff:

Contact me at

pavel (papa alpha victor echo lima) at teramips dot com.

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