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I've been working as a developer for 3.7 years at Energomera on projects involving embedded software, GNU/Linux, Windows, and communications.

Recently, after getting a degree at MIT (nah, not the Massachusetts one, the Moscow one ;) for boring reasons I had to start traveling. ATM I'm somewhere on the edge of the world, if you believe it has one, so I have to earn something remotely.

I have a vast experience and interest in low-level stuff, e.g. systems internals, both theoretic and practical ones (mostly GNU/Linux); drivers and kernel architecture, structures of processes and some binary executable formats; understanding of multithreading caveats like CPU cache and memory barriers, CPU scheduling implications, and out-of-order execution; decent in debugging and reverse-engineering.

Programming languages I can code in, in the order from high knowledge to smaller one: C++, C# (I'd prefer not to use this one), C, Bash, Haskell, Python, Elisp, Rust. Programming languages that would require to refresh my skills (e.g. either those I just dabbled with, or ones I haven't used for a long time), same order: MiniZinc, Lua, Pascal/Delphi, PHP, Basic.

Among publicly available records I can point:

  1. StackOverflow profile (the one you're looking at :)
  2. My commits to graphics driver for radeon GPUs (FTR, the lastname inconsistency is that the first commit have had it wrong, and then patchwork site have somehow cached it).
  3. I am the creator of IMPP (protocol used by Trillian) plugin for pidgin.
  4. I have an account on russian site habrahabr.ru (for unaware people, it is an IT-blog site, where getting more than read-only account requires writing a worthwhile article to get an invite).

I do also have assorted patches to other distinct projects, that are probably not worth linking here due to small number of commits.

Contacts: when I am online, I usually hang on IRC server FreeNode, nickname Hi-Angel, so you can /query me there. Otherwise send a mail to hi-angelatyandex.ru

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