I am a PHP back-end developer, experienced in developing light-head micro-services, maintaining and extending large enterprise legacy system, and applying feasible partial optimizations, writing automation scripts, bench-marking, writing big cases of unit test as well as working with storage systems MySQL, Redis, MongoDB and Memcached. Beside them, I also have experienced messaging between systems using RabbitMQ, writing consumer and publisher in both PHP & GoLang.

I have experienced the development or maintenance of the following systems and services: - Developing fast, high-traffic serving OAuth2 Authentication and User Identity service in PHP, Phalcon and Redis; 16k real-world RPM - Developing Order Tracking feature for customer orders, managing dozens of state machines - Maintaining big marketplace code base - Developing PayPal middle-ware payment service - Developing E-Commerce Mobile API - Developing News Management System, with ACL and advanced role delegation - Developing Filters and Attributes for e-commerce store, relying on MySQL and redis - Developing RabbitMQ consumer in GoLang - Developing unit tests cases; for legacy code and new services with relatively fine code-coverage - Monitoring and logging using Newrelic - Containerizing services, allowing the containers to be published for different environments

Currently, we develop test-oriented services in our team and write integration in legacy code-base alongside of it. The tasks (which are numerous) are managed through SCRUM; we manage to handle the heavy work through proper breaking-down. Each task then is managed to be released by its owner. Our systems then need to provide a manageable extensible logging mechanism to allow us tackle certain issues in new environments, and to feed third-party log collectors, if any.