Rick Love



I guarantee that I produce software of the highest quality and at the greatest value.

I create the simplest software solution that provides the greatest benefit to the target users of that software.

Great software grows out of the needs and desires of the users. Each feature should improve the life of the user. It should enable the user to maximize his creative and productive potential by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks. The software should handle the boring tasks so that the user can focus on providing his unique and creative input. In this way, the user appreciates that software because it allows him to extend his ideas and intentions beyond his own limitations. He can create an outcome that he could never accomplish with his own hands. This is the true joy of computers.

This is the type of software I want to make: Software that enables a person to joyfully pour his unique creative spark into the system and accomplish something awesome.

I love to create software that others will love to use. This is what I call Mutually-Beneficial Software - software that benefits everyone: the users, the owners, and even the developers.