I'm just like everyone I require food and water to remain alive, I was born into a peaceful society due to savages discontinuing most things threatening, and just trying to grasp what it is to actually be a human that lived before everything was already figured out for the most part, so here Im like you trying to grasp whats already been grasped by another human bringing his/her ideas into physical form manipulating some of the 118 elements which humans have already figured out so basically were in the same boat didn't discover Jack diddly squat trying to understand what someone has already understood and trying to come to some kinda understanding of what we was born into that other humans set this world to be and for us to try to understand there understandings and continue the cycle trying to understand the understandings of the understood, so help a brother out, which ones the positive or negative wire on my neighbors breaker box so I can connect to my breaker box so we're in parallel with one another, or is that series ?

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