Minneapolis, MN, USA

Emergency physician and medical informaticist with a strong interesting in 18th and early 19th century military history, mountaineering, Ska, rock/ice climbing, liberal politics, mountain biking, STEM education, chemistry, geology, DnD, Punk Rock, and British Naval Fiction (BNF, its not just a grammar, but a literary genre as well, who knew?), XFCE

I use openSUSE Tumbleweed/KDE on Intel and Raspberry Pi. (Once your learn to zypper -dup every few days things go much better).

Professional interests are critical care, toxicology, machine learning, clinical information system architecture, difficult diagnosis, clinical decision support, knowledge-based expert systems, clinical research, clinical terminology/ontologies, epidemiology, wilderness medicine, international informatics standards, and public health.

Currently switching from MariaDB/Java/XML to PostgreSQL, Python, PostGIS, graph databases (Apache AGE as soon as it catched up w/ PostgreSQL 14 or 15, probably Neo4J starting soon since that is what all the other kids are using), and JSON.

So, expect a lot of questions and the occasional long-winded smart-ass reply. I am never completely serious about, nor completely in jest, about anything. In a previous life I was one of those court jesters who ended up retiring in a dank dungeon hanging by their thumbs.

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