Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


I am an avid Agile practitioner with extensive experience as a Developer, Coach, Architect, Evangelist in Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Test Driven Development(TDD), User Acceptance Driven Development (UADD - ATDD), Scenarios Testing (BDD oriented), Unit testing, Continuous Integration, Pair Programming Refactoring Best Practices, Continuous Improvement processes with practical implementation experience in XP, Scrum, Kanban Offshore-Onsite projects.

As an Architect, I prefer design evolving out of tests and driving design and development using tests.

As a ScrumMaster, I have facilitated teams in integrating the Social Media sdk(s) with a web app using Scrum, an online keyboarding tool using Kanban/Scrum, a train reservation system using XP and an Office Store product using Kanban. I used Story boarding - creating user stories and scenarios for scenario driven unit testing - and in all the projects.

As an Agile evangelist, I have been the Chief Organizer of Agile Tour 2010 Delhi NCR, on behalf of ASCI (Agile Software Community of India), while being a Communication Secretary on the Board of the same organization. I have also enabled, initiated the Noida Agile Chapter in the Delhi NCR region.

As a Coach, I have mentored and trained an Agile Academy, an internal structure to enable Agile-ready resources for onboarding to any Agile project. The responsibilities included creating curriculum and training professionals on Agile practices like Pair Programming, Unit testing, TDD and UADD and conducting daily stand-ups and retrospectives.

As a speaker, I have delivered on Agile topics for conferences, organizations and universities in India.

As an Open Source developer, my most notable contribution has been for an NUnit fix for Microsoft.Net 4.0.

In general

My knowledge and experience with technology are based on hands-on implementations - from animated games written in C in the early1990s to ASP.Net apps in the early and mid-2000s to Agile development practices then on to Android apps in Java in 2013 to the cloud, the social media and SaaS in 2015-6. I have always been influenced by business trends rather than popular trends when it comes to deciding on a technology/platform, as there are many other factors that combine to make a successful software than just technology, with the most important, being, the team.

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