Marcus Lind

Bangkok Thailand

Originally from Sweden, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand in 2012 and have lived there ever since. I have a background as an entrepreneur involved in multiple projects ranging from Ecommerce, Marketing and Mobile Games. I was the founder of Tourn that was acquired in 2014, and I have cofounded multiple other businesses.

With my entrepreneurial background I have experience from many parts and roles of what is required to build a successful website including Deployment, AWS/Hosting, Content Creation, SEO, Design, Frontend Development and Business Development.

Currently I'm employed at Diakrit where I build web solutions for the real estate market around the world using a stack that consist of PHP, MySQL, Vagrant & Varnish Cache.

I'm also involved in multiple other projects, both private and open source. Outside of my employment I prefer to work with Python and Angular and in future endeavors that is the stack that I will be looking to work with.