Hardik Mishra

Ahmadabad, India


Currently working as Software Developer/Technical Mentor on Java EE platform.

Managing and mentoring team members and coordinating counter parts for requirement analysis, understand and explain it to the team.

Having hand on experience of handling team and managing tasks and following up regular basis. Timely and accurate reporting of project status as required by company.

Escalate product issues and suggest product improvements.

Consistently sharing best practices and improve processes across team.

Possess decisive skills, ability to handle stress and accept criticism.

Object Oriented Programming experience in the analysis, design, development and implementation of applications using Java.

Knowledge of Apache Lucene, a Java API for searching and indexing operations.

Good communication skills, apt in maintaining interpersonal relationships and quick learner.

Proven ability to work in both independent and team environments.

Possess hiring skill and playing role as interviewer.

Conducting brown bag sessions to make new team members familiar with the product and processes.

Technologies: Java, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, HighCharts, HighStock, Apache Lucene, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, JSON, XML

Wide experience on Dspace - Digital Repository installation, customization, and end user trainings.

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