Ian Kemp

Milton Keynes, UK

Full-stack software dev who prefers backend work, currently residing in the UK. Been writing code since I was 15, now in my 15th year of doing it as a career. Still get that buzz from solving problems and helping others. I optimize for pearls.

If you want to be welcomed on this site, you are at the very least expected to have read and understood "How to Ask". If you aren't willing to make that small time investment into this site, you'll find that the community isn't willing to invest their time in helping you with your questions.

  • Further, but highly-recommended reading on the same topic.
  • Excellent paper (not mine) on why this site, in its current incarnation, is probably doomed to fail.

Those who claim that there are no stupid questions have never looked at the front page of this site anno 2021.

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