Jesse Busman

Fryslân, Netherlands

I'm a full stack software developer experienced in:

  • Cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DApps, web3.js, Solidity)
  • Mobile apps (Android: Java, iOS: Swift)
  • PC software (using C#, C++, Java, Perl)
  • Web server software (Apache, WAMP, C++, PHP, Python)
  • Application server software (C++, C#, PHP, Java, Perl, Bash)
  • 3D graphics (OpenGL with C++, Java, GLSL)
  • Web user interfaces (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Canvas, WebGL)
  • Databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Transact-SQL)
  • Embedded software (ARM assembler, Microchip assembler, C, C++)
  • Serial communication (i2c, CAN, Modbus, bit banging, ...)
  • Networking (Ethernet, IP, DHCP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, ...)
  • Mechatronics (sensors, servos, three-phase motors, controllers, ...)
  • Compilers, interpreters, disassemblers and decompilers
  • Heavy optimization (x86 assembler, C, C++)
  • Functional programming (Clojure)
  • Wireless communication (WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared)

I'm always eager to learn more.

Feel free to contact me about anything you wish:

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