I work for a Salesforce Gold Partner Consultancy as a Salesforce.com Developer.

I like learning new things and languages... so far I have tried my luck at the following:

  • Javascript/jQuery/Coffee Script/AngularJS etc...
  • VisualForce
  • APEX
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • ASP.Net (long time ago)

I like challenges and tend to set myself crazy one's, I taught myself a ton of Javascript this year and have been applying this in numerous places, mainly in the office to make some of the buttons we use a lot more dynamic than they were.

I got bored a few months ago and created a couple of Chrome Extensions:

  • Salesforce Case Search
  • Salesforce User Search

Along side this I have taught myself a lot more tech stuff in the past few years. I started up my "brogrammer" lifestyle a few years ago now and have come pretty far learning lots about different programming/markup languages.